Week 8- Witness Journal Assignment

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

“Some of the woodland creatures were not able to make it out alive of the fire.

Some struggled to pull their loved ones out of the reach of the flames, wave away the fire from their singed fur, or helped pull others to safety once they and their loved ones were free.

A fire is thought to consume all, except for the ones that have a fire extinguisher.

While they didn’t start the fire, there is the same amount of evil in the humans that hold the fire extinguisher in their hands but choose not to put out the flames until it reaches their own neighborhood.”

There were way too many people that benefited from COVID-19 while so many of us suffered a great deal. To hear that some people became trillionaires while so many others still struggle to make rent is horrible. While I do not think anyone should be forced to donate to others when everyone is in a terrible situation, I just think society needs to reevaluate its goals and opinions as a whole while some people die and lose their jobs and homes but some people can still afford adequate medical care and expand their business just because they were one of the lucky few that had made a big enough living before the pandemic ruined so many lives.